Aidi Temperament and Lifespan

Despite the fact that Aidi dogs are called shepherds, they have never performed a true shepherd's job. In fact, this is the typical mountain dogs that do not graze cattle but protect the herd and the nomadic camp of the owners from wild animals and enemies. In addition, Atlas Shepherd Dog, possessing an excellent sense of smell is a great hunting dog. Aidi is often used as a service dog, for example, for work in the police. Similar behavior have another breed - Tibetan Mastiff For Sale

Dogs of Aidi breed are sufficiently independent and freedom-loving. Aidi are confident and inclined to dominance, so they need special training. There is such an opnion that these dogs can be dangerous for children, because there is much from wild dogs in their habits, but as experience shows if you are engaged in the upbringing of Aidi since puppyhood, showing who is the "leader of the pack", being firm during its training, these dogs are not only not harmful, but can be excellent companions in games with children. This is not surprising, because these dogs have lived with people and children for thousands of years. The life expectancy of this breed is 10-12 years... more

How Much Does a Barbet Cost and Price Range

The average price ranges from $500 to $1000 (This price and The dog breed is quiet rare, that's why you will be lucky if you manage to find it. The price may differ a bit depending on the quality of the dog as the show quality puppies cost more... more

Canaan Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Canaan Dog Training requires a professional approach. These dogs are characterized by independence and stubbornness. It is mandatory to dog to have socialization and obedience course. The dog does not tolerate rough handling, but the rigidity still necessary to be shown by its boss. The dogs tire from monotonous training quickly, so you need to diversify the classes (look Australian Shepherd For Sale).

Dogs of Canaan Dog breed are in need of great physical and mental stress. They like jogging, hiking, games, long walks. In order not to lose working ability, the dog should have lessons of herding and protection. If the dog is found in the apartment, it is necessary to visit the training ground... more

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Like most terriers, Dandy Dinmont has a lot of self-confidence and independence. They are not aggressive, like most terriers, but do not exclude this. This is a lively and beautiful little terrier which can become a wonderful companion and will bring a lot of joy.

Temperament affects a number of factors, including heredity, learning and socializing. Puppies have good temperament, they are curious and playful. Dandie Dinmont Terrier gets along with older children. It is not recommended to keep this breed together with other pets. Dandie Dinmont Terrier is an entertaining and intelligent breed that loves to play and obey owner... more

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