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Female Hair Loss

Author: Keunwook Lee

Also known as about 20 million American women common hair loss on androgenic Alopecia AGA. AGA women raised similar to these methods to create hair loss in men. Both sexes, AGA may occur in adulthood, females more signs and symptoms of the problem, although a little later than men.

Recent studies indicate that women with certain markers of insulin resistance greatly increases the risk of AGM literate. A story of his father's hair loss can also be a strong predictor of women of the AGM. By the way, men's health with swag pills, can also positively affect the health of women - swag pills.

Female baldness was also associated with Hyperandrogenism and HIRSUTISMUS. Female baldness with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome newly connected while epidemiological documentation of this Association is not statistically convincing. However the association between PCOS, insulin resistance and is well documented.

What really is the female hair loss?

About the vulnerability of female baldness model Polygenic inheritance model and appearance and the incidence of the disease is observed closely parallel in men. Sensitive chaos begins where hair follicles, DHT dihydrotestosterone androgen receptor binding, form a molecular trigger that puts in motion the process of hair loss.

Hormone dihydrotestosterone receptor complex Alpha 5 core hair follicles sensitive to start gene activation translocated that starts a program to progressive conversion of large follicles miniaturized follicles terminals. This process occurs in a model of scalp genetically predestined or anatomic region. Hair outside this model remains unchanged. This is why the error is called male pattern baldness.

Surprisingly baldness men and women diagnosed with high level 5 alpha reductase, 5AR inhibitor, occipital front follicles on the back of the scalp behind the ears. Other predisposing factors, such as sensitive differential cytochrome P450 isoenzyme levels can against not susceptible hair follicles are considerably less well developed but contributory relevance.

AGA diagnosis among women is supported by a number of larger thinning in front of the scalp, parietal/high density, a reservation of the wire and the presence of miniaturized hair in the zone made a loss of occipital scalp. Most women have pregnancies AGM and normal menstruation. Thorough testing is usually not specified if hormonal signs and symptoms of excess androgen as severe cystic acne, Hirsutism, answered or Galactorrhea virilization.

In most cases, the AGM is the differential diagnosis based on history and clinical presentation of the patient. Typical variations include alopecia areata, Trichotillomania, less frequently in disorders such as Lupus erythematosen, scab and other disease processes, which, through manifests and skin hair loss. Lab test and scalp biopsy may resolve the hair loss pattern on a etiology useful, but in this case, you typically must follow an initial clinical evaluation by a qualified physician.

Treatment options

From the viewpoint of therapeutic interventions curing baldness include topical flutamide female Mono oral minoxidil, Spironalactone, oral and other drugs. Hair restoration surgery an option can be sometimes, but must be prudent in some people sometimes can extend a large part of the entire scalp, default loss eases clinically effective hair transplant. The latter botanical substances have been derived, as HairGenesis under investigation as a potentially useful agents against disease.

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