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Infant Safety Considerations

Once you become a new parent, infant safety becomes your number one priority. And there is so much to consider when it comes to infant safety. Here are some pointers for keeping baby safe.

Having a safe and reliable car seat is a crucial part of infant safety. Make sure your car seat is designed for an infant, that it is facing the rear, and that it is installed properly. Check if the car seat you have requires a special locking device. And donít try and save money on used car seat. Purchasing an infant safety approved car seat will give you peace of mind on the road.

Keep infant safety in mind if you are considering second-hand baby furniture. Infant safety has to be the number one consideration when selecting a crib. Itís hard to know what type of paint an older crib has, or if the slats are the correct length. Itís crucial to infant safety that the mattress in the crib fit properly as well. If you canít be sure that a second-hand crib wouldnít pass a modern inspection, then you may want to purchase a new crib.

And remember, when you put your baby to sleep in that safe crib, be sure to have her sleep on her back. Infant safety experts say that sleeping on their backs is the safest way for infants to sleep. Since the Ďback to sleepí campaign started about 15 years ago the rate of infant death caused by SIDS has greatly reduced.

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